We offer a comprehensive suite of online marketing solutions that ensure that your site attracts and retains targeted users who are interested in what you have to offer. From pay per click and display advertising packages to content and social media marketing, we create custom solutions that can fit any industry or budget and ensure a great ROI for your campaigns.

Our online marketing services include:

Creative Content Development

Your potential customers are constantly bombarded by marketing content. Ads, news reports, mailings, text messages – wherever they go someone’s trying to sell them something. And they know it. It takes sophisticated, quality content marketing to incite users to interact, explore, and take action.

Through blogs, official websites, articles, E-mailers, meticulously cured social media profiles, videos and much more – we produce content that addresses your target audience with a customized, cohesive, original and attractive message, that is honed to precision and guarantees results.

Paid Content Promotion

User’s immunity to banners and other type of online ads is the reason PAID CONTENT is the fastest growing segment within advertising budgets worldwide.
We specialize in paid digital promotional campaigns that are designed to accurately target the right audience, at the right place and time, for the right cost. Our experience and expertise allows us to produce content users like to read, share, comment on and interact with.

Our services include:

  • Social Media management and Promotions
  • Native Advertising
  • Sponsored Content recommendations via Taboola / Outbrain
  • Digital presence and display
  • Google AdWords campaigns

With the implementation of personalized search results across all online platforms continuing to expand in visibility and accessibility, local seo has become an important part of individuals and business’ overall SEO strategy. Simply put, local seo is the application of search engine optimization techniques that can allow our website to rank higher within a specific geographical market. These technique includes both on-site strategies as well as third party / directory listings and citations.

These strategies are highly beneficial to local businesses with physical locations as well as for individuals and companies who provide services within a specific, local area. Whereas in the past people used to obtain information about local businesses via the yellow pages, in today’s world users use their computers and search engines to obtain information about services and businesses in their area.

The Process

It is extremely important that search engines has as much information as they can about your business, and that this information is delivered to them in a format that is understandable to them.

The local SEO process usually consists of the following stages:

1. Research / Discovery Phase

This initial step involves receiving all of the information we can about you and your business. We evaluate your business as well as your competition and analyze existing data in order to build a customized strategy for your local business or service.

2. Customized Strategy and Work Plan

After reviewing all of the information amassed during the discovery phase we review the unique attributes that are specific to your business. What makes your business or service different than your competition? What is the nature of your business in terms of on-going development goals? How much of your business consists of returning customers? These are just a few of the questions we discuss as we put together a plan designed to ensure your business shows up on top in local search results.

3. Implementation and Execution

One of the most important stages of the local SEO process is the implementation and execution stage. During this stage we will be applying various techniques to ensure your website and local listing not only complies with local search engine protocol but is also optimized to achieve the best results possible for your business. This includes optimizing your website for local search, maps listing optimization, Localized inbound content marketing and more. In many cases implementing local seo strategies goes hand in hand with organic seo practices to ensure that your business dominates your local area and to increase visibility of your business to prospective customers who are looking for the  services and/or products you have to offer.

4. Reporting

We provide you with on-going reports and tools to ensure you are kept in the loop regarding the progress of the optimization process and that you use the best practices possible when updating and maintaining the online assets of your local business.

While the web is constantly changing and evolving, no other aspect of the online world is as dynamic as SEO. These days It is more complex, intricate and sophisticated than ever before. Search Engine Optimization, sometimes referred to as “Organic Optimization” is the process of developing and maintaining online content with the intention of having it rank higher on user’s search results as they use any of todays top search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) allowing individuals and businesses better visibility online.

SEO is a lengthy process that takes time, yet done right offers websites tremendous benefits and significant growth. Due to the nature of the SEO process it is extremely important to use a professional, knowledgeable SEO service provider, as bad SEO practices (commonly referred to as “black hat seo”) can result not only in diminishing rankings for your site but also long term negative consequences such as penalties and blacklisting which can be very hard and time consuming to reverse.

Our SEO process includes 4 major stages:

1. Research and Assessment / Discovery Phase

Each industry is different and while everyone wants to rank on the first page of a search engine for a specific list of targeted keywords, each industry has it’s own set of unique attribute that need to be addressed when building an SEO strategy. Some of these attributes include competition (both organic and paid), current traffic data, user behaviour, geographical focus and more.

During the discovery phase we dive into your business in order to familiarize our team with the unique attributes that make up and/or affect your business. Aside from analyzing your own website, we also research and analyze your competitors to ensure that the customized SEO package that we offer you takes into consideration all relevant aspects of your project.

2. Customized Strategy and Work Plan

Once all of the required information is gathered and analyzed we offer our clients a detailed SEO strategy that takes into consideration all of the aspects detailed above. Together with our client we devise a list of targeted keywords that we will focus on during the SEO process. We also review your current website content to make sure that it is optimized accordingly.

We set measurable, easy to understand targets and time-frames that are set to ensure that our common expectations and required results are attainable and measurable.

3. Implementation and Execution

Using only proven and reliable and strategies our experienced SEO team implements the strategies designed to improve your website’s ranking. This process is usually broken up into two stages, the first one being the “foundation” of your website’s SEO (including strategic on-site seo, website structural and code optimization) and the second one usually consisting of maintenance and off-page SEO strategies that are implemented on an on-going basis.

4. Reporting and Measurement

An important part of any SEO project involves tracking and analyzing the results of our efforts on an ongoing basis. We provide each customers with  weekly and/or monthly reports that offer a detailed look into the results our project generate.

All of our SEO services are all done by hand by real humans who are dedicated to providing our clients with concrete, long term results. We do not use any seo implementation software and are committed to following Google, Yahoo and Bing’s approved SEO strategies to ensure your success.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of gaining traffic and generating leads through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. As social media continues to dominate the internet is has become a popular tool for users to discover new content of any kind on the web.

Our SMM services are designed to ensure that your website enjoys the benefits of active social media profiles and are highly targeted to suite your unique business and goals. The SMM process includes the following stages:

1. Research and Discovery

During this initial phase our team learns about your business, any existing social presence and competitors from your industry. We develop a comprehensive report that includes all of this information as well as research your target audience using various ad tools to identify your audience size based on keywords, interests, social media activity and influencers. We research and find various social media platforms to discover which ones are the most important for your business. This process is highly important as the other stages in the SMM process are based on the findings discovered during this process.

2. Strategy development

Based on our findings we create a comprehensive SMM strategy plan that clearly outlines timeframes, deliverables and measurable goals for social media profiles and sharable content. This strategic plan includes specific techniques designed to develop or optimize social media profiles across selected social media networks as well as specific rules for engaging existing users as well as obtaining new ones. We develop plans to reach popular influencers within your industry to leverage their social networks which will allow us to expand the visibility of your content and grow your followers. Depending on your goals this plan may also include an advertising aspect for specific networks.

3. Implementation

Following social media best practices we implement the devised plan and begin distributing your original content within each social media. We offer comprehensive training packages that allow us the opportunity to train you and/or your staff to use the various tools available on various social media platforms to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is highly important to us that the individuals involved in maintaining your social media platforms are well trained and most importantly enjoy the process of interacting with your community of followers.

4. Reporting and Analysis

We provide ongoing reports and analysis documents that include information about the various campaign performances, KPIs, and goal tracking. We constantly adjust project plan and execution principles based on results aimed to further optimize your social media efforts and ensure a great ROI. Reporting may include monthly performance reports documenting campaign metrics, tasks completed, current standing of goals and detailed plans for the following phase.

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is the process of placing your ads within search results on major search engines, putting your services or products in front of countless potential customers. Unlike the SEO process, Pay per click allows clients to show up on search engine result pages in a relatively shorter amount of time, through highly targeted keywords implementation, giving your site immediate exposure and the opportunity to start generating quality, highly targeted leads for your website.

Through many years of hands on experience with Google Adwords and the Yahoo/Bing ad network we were able to generate millions of dollars in business to our customers in a variety of industries worldwide. Our deep and comprehensive understanding of these intricate advertising platforms provide an excellent ROI for your business through tried and true strategies and campaigns which are focused on generating the most qualified traffic to your site while keeping in mind budget restrictions and overall marketing principles that work best on these type of platforms.

Our Pay per Click campaigns offer you the opportunity to generate traffic,  leads and sales at a low CPA (Cost per Acquisition). Whether you already have PPC campaigns set up that require a few small tweaks or a major overhaul, or you are considering implementing new PPC campaigns for your business for the first time, our professional SEO managers can offer you and your business incredible value and measurable results.

Our PPC process includes client and competitor research focused on the market, services and products, customers, advertising materials, organic and social media efforts as well as any past PPC efforts and its results. If an existing PPC account exists we offer a comprehensive auditing process in order to pinpoint specific issues that may be hurting your campaign performance.

Once the establishment of objectives and development of a paid search marketing plan is devised we will move into the implementation stage which includes the creation or overhaul of AdWords account, keyword research, spying and analysis, ad copy writing and optimization, website conversion enhancements and landing pages design, installation of tracking codes and more.