Working in the online world consistently keeps us on our toes as the web is a dynamic platform that keeps evolving rapidly. Staying on the cutting edge of technology while remaining rooted in a tried and true best practice protocol ensures that we are able to provide solutions that are not only reliable but sustainable in the ever changing world of online web development.

Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to work in a wide range of industries with individuals, small business owners and big corporations. Our client roster includes architects, musicians and performing artists, restaurants and service companies, fashion brands, retail businesses, educational organizations, non for profits and more.

Ecommerce Development

Our Ecommerce team is dedicated to “making that sale” from generating traffic to your site through ensuring conversion visitors into customers, we are there with our clients every step of the way. Working together with our design and marketing teams we can insure that your ecommerce website is optimized into an effective selling tool that will not only get you more sales but also allow you to stay in close touch with your customers increasing brand loyalty and awareness.

Content Management Systems

Many of our clients come to us after a website has already been designed for them as they are having a hard time managing and updating their site. Many of them are not able to take advantage of the great technological tools available to them as they manage the online aspect of their businesses. A great content Management System (CMS) can not only make managing and updating your website and easy and fun experience, but also affects other aspects of your online relevance including search engine placement and web visibility.

We work with many of today’s top CMS platforms including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Movable Type, Joomla and more. After reviewing your specific industry we can provide a customized solution that will ensure that your site is build around a reliable information infrastructure that will allow you to fully take advantage of all of the benefits a great CMS system can provide.

Mobile and Responsive Site Development

You don’t have to be a tech-head to know that these days pretty much everyone carries around a smartphone. As mobile access to the web exploded in the last few years you can never be too sure as to how users are accessing your site. Having a mobile optimized website is more important than ever and our team can ensure that your website presence is accessible and relevant to people on the go, however they choose to visit your site.’

A professional, attractive and relatable design is an extremely important aspect of web development. At NAVONLINE we work with our clients to develop and implement responsive and interactive websites that are not only beautiful but are focused on our client’s objectives and brand aesthetic. An inviting, easy to use website can ensure that your visitors not only spend more time on your website, but keep coming back, staying in touch and do business with you.

Some of our clients come to us with existing websites that may be updated or require a full on re-designs. Others share their ideas with us and together we implement a brand new website that is easy for them to maintain and update on a regular basis. We offer complete design services including video and photography services, logo and branding service and much more.

The web design process usually consists of the following stages.

1. Brainstorming and Research

During this initial process we review our client’s goals and initiative as well as review relevant competitors within their industry. Aside from look and feel options we also review content architecture and traffic flow concepts to ensure that you website will not only look and feel great to our users but will also be optimized to ensure visitor retention and optimal lead generation.

2. Initial design implementation and content gathering

At this stage our team will design an initial concept for your project based on the discussions and conclusions we have reached together during our initial research phase. During the design process our clients are able to review the work in development through private links provided by us. We also provide professional copy writing services to ensure that the content on your site is unique, engaging and optimized.

3. Design revisions and customization

Once an initial design aesthetic has been established we review every single aspect of the design and  alter it according to our client’s comments and feedback. It is usually within this stage when clients get the most excited as they start seeing our joint vision come to life. Any front end or back end customization also happens during this stage which concludes in a fully operational website that embodies our client’s perspective in a flowing, inviting and responsive web environment.


Once a site is ready it is installed on your own servers or hosting plan, fully tested to ensure 100% functionality and goes live. We continue to offer on-going support for a minimum of 3 months after a site has gone live. In many cases we offer another revision round to our clients after their sites have been online for  a few months and start generating some user feedback regarding their experience when using the site.

All of our website design principles are based on responsive and smooth functionality, clean coding, informative unique content and complete search engine compatibility. We also offer comprehensive brand development and logo design services.

Our consulting packages offer individuals and businesses access to our comprehensive knowledge that we have accumulated over 14 years in the business of website development. Whether you have a specific problem you need addressed or are looking to evaluate your options as you move into a new phase with your online entity, NAVONLINE can offer you a custom consulting package that can assist you in obtaining your online goals in an efficient, cost effective manner through creative solutions that are designed to take your business to the next level.

We usually start our consulting process with reviewing your business objectives through a series of questions and discussions. Some of these questions may include:

  1. How does your business make money and how can we add value to your company?

  2. How can we help you be more efficient with your website?

  3. What makes your business unique and how can we increase your brand appeal?

  4. Who are your customers, where do they spend time (online or offline)
  5. How can we reach them more efficiently?

Our experience in a variety of online development fields allow us to bring together business strategists, sophisticated development professionals, and creative designers that ensure a creative original thinking process. A problem is only an opportunity for a creative, inspired solution and we absolutely love helping our clients reach new heights in the online world.

Our consulting services are offered worldwide, either in person or via skype. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and discover how we can help your business grow online.

The following additional services are available to our clients to ensure optimized content development and enhance user experience.

Photography services

We work with a variety of professional photographers which are able to produce images that can enhance your website content. Our photographers are available on affordable hourly or daily based rates which include all pre-production and post production services. Customers are provided with a portfolio of images that can be used online and offline on brochures, posters and banners and will ensure a comprehensive look and feel for all of your marketing materials.

Video production services

It is a known fact that users love to view and interact with video content across the web. Our video production services provide professional video production services that can greatly enhance the way users interact with your content online. From simple, single location shoots to multi-day video productions our videographers, editors and post production video team can help you create engaging video content that will impress your customers and offer unique interactive experiences that will set you apart from your competitors.

Copy writing services

Our dedicated copywriting staff can provide fresh original content from scratch or optimize your existing content to ensure that it is not only properly written but is also engaging and shareable. Great original content is at the heart of  any marketing campaign we implement and is extremely important in terms of search engine optimization.

Hosting and domain registration solutions

We offer reliable and affordable hosting and domain registration services via our trusted third party providers. All of our hosting packages include ongoing backup services, email accounts setup and much more. Let us take the guesswork out of domain registration and website hosting for you by offering you a customized, US based shared or dedicated hosting solution that fits your requirements, needs and budget.