Each business is different and is comprised of many elements that influence the way it is managed and marketed. In general terms of you are a local business and have a physical, brick and mortar location where customers visit to obtain your products and/or services then a local seo package is essential for your business.

Google, being the worlds leading search engine is increasingly leaning towards displaying local search results when a user’s search query signals they are looking for a local business. This outlook has greatly influences the way search results are displayed to users, with local search results gaining more visibility on both Google maps and organic search result pages. Optimizing your website using organic seo protocol in addition to an optimized local entity can ensure your business receives maximum visibility across a search engines multiple platforms.

Many SEO provides claim to offer customers the guarantee to get to the first page of Google. We feel this is misleading as nobody knows Google’s exact algorithm which is naturally dynamic and is altered on an ongoing basis.

We believe our white hat SEO strategies can get your site on the first page of Google with correct implementation and by following Google’s advertised best practices protocol. We would highly recommend staying away from agencies that make promises they cannot keep.

SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous efforts. In order to ensure our clients are aware of the fact that this is a lengthy process and to allow us to reach each project’s full potential we require a minimum 8 month commitment from all of our SEO clients. Usually clients are able able to begin experiencing the results of our SEO strategies in a much shorter period of time.

The SEO process is a lengthy, on-going one and obtaining sustainable results via white hat strategies require time and patience. While each industry is different we believe that our clients will be able to evaluate the results of our efforts within a 6 month period.

The unique structure of our company allows us to offer affordable services to all of our customers. Working with a network of professional individuals from around the world, each with their own unique set of expertise means that in todays open economy we can offer services that are efficient and affordable. We don’t need to rent office spaces in various cities around the world, keep maintenance staff etc. We pass on these savings to our clients that enjoy world class services for very affordable prices.

No two clients are the same and therefore each project we commit to is unique. Once we are contacted for a quote we review each clients requirements and goals and write up a customized proposal which takes into consideration the unique attributes of each client and project.

Beware of companies offering you free services or very low cost websites. These are usually bait and switch operations that will cost you plenty down the road. Remember, we are in business to make money and there’s always a catch when things are offered for free or for a price that is significantly lower than it’s value. Specifically be aware of free offers related to web development as they may cause your site long term damage that can take months if not years to fix.

Absolutely. Many of our clients arrive to us after they already have a website implemented.

Due to the many variables associated with a constantly changing search engine market there is no way for us to set an exact time for when your site will begin receiving high visibility on Google. Depending on your industry, market and competition we roughly estimate this time frame a minimum of 6 months. Clients looking for faster visibility on Google are offered the opportunity to enhance their online marketing efforts with pay per click services.